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giorgio borrione
“To me, the fact that I live in the Valle Cervo, make hats,
and have a name whose initials are GB is no coincidence,
but, rather, a tangible sign of synchronicity!”
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BORRIONE, Italian Hatmakers

The bearing the words “A's tuca nen” (“don’t touch” in the Piedmontese dialect) was worn by Attilio Borrione (Giorgio’s father) since he was eighteen, in that same valley where Gio Batta Bonessio also lived. That hat saw, listened to, and lived Attilio’s same life. When it wasn’t on Attilio’s head, that hat was kept on top of a wardrobe and no-one was allowed to touch it, especially after Attilio went to war. It was a very special object, not barely a hat of the highest craftsmanship in the Valley, but much more, and the family considered it as an almost-sacred extension of its owner. In 1913 Attilio started producing machinery to manufacture hats and in 1953 his son Giorgio was born.

Giorgio Borrione, who as a child had seen those “A's tuca nen” words on the hat and had grown up amongst his dad’s machines, as an adult worked in the hat factory Cappellificio Cervo, covering managerial positions. In 2013, exactly one century after the establishment of his father’s business, he created the Borrione brand. As fate would have it, in the same valley and in the same room that once belonged to Gio Batta Bonessio, hats once again met with the initials “GB”.
Today, the dream nurtured by Giorgio, who in the meantime has become a father, has turned into reality, and now his three children Veronica, Attilio, and Benedetta are involved in this wonderful business too.